November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween from the Bride of Frankenstein

I hope everyone had a very happy and safe Halloween. This is my favorite holiday next to Christmas (pretty much October through December is my favorite time of year), but I am glad it's over. We definitely got our costumes worth this year with several outings and events, and October flew by in a flash. I enjoyed our month and holiday but I am ready for the next...CHRISTMAS!!!  ;)

I made Liv's costume from an old pillow case and a white onesie with strips of fabric wrapped around the arms. The wig is made from tights with black cobweb stuff inside and wrapped on the outside, then a white cobweb squiggle on the sides. The cobweb was really easy to work with as it sticks to itself. Turned out great!



  1. Your kids look amazing!!! And the birthday parties were awesome. I loved all of the little details! Mikey is turning one this weekend....can't believe it! I noticed your little one is using a fork to eat birthday cake. Is my kid that far behind? lol!

  2. Thank you Rachel! Liv is very independent. I could tell she was that way at 3 months old. She likes to do things on her own. My hubby jokes that he's never fed her. She never liked being fed, so one day I just handing her the spoon and she figured it out on her own. lol