December 27, 2013

2014 Calendar

I realized I needed a 2014 calendar as I started to plan for the coming week. Can you believe it's already 2014??!!  So I created a calendar and am sharing with you as well.

Click the link HERE to download the pdf. 


November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween from the Bride of Frankenstein

I hope everyone had a very happy and safe Halloween. This is my favorite holiday next to Christmas (pretty much October through December is my favorite time of year), but I am glad it's over. We definitely got our costumes worth this year with several outings and events, and October flew by in a flash. I enjoyed our month and holiday but I am ready for the next...CHRISTMAS!!!  ;)

I made Liv's costume from an old pillow case and a white onesie with strips of fabric wrapped around the arms. The wig is made from tights with black cobweb stuff inside and wrapped on the outside, then a white cobweb squiggle on the sides. The cobweb was really easy to work with as it sticks to itself. Turned out great!


October 20, 2013

Emma the Lalaloopsy

This year Emma decided to be a Lalaloopsy. Not just any Lalaloopsy, but the Lalaloopsy that she owns. Thankfully, my mom is amazing and made Emma a costume to match EXACTLY. She really is amazing!

My talented sister crochet the wig, similar to what she made last year for Liv's cabbage patch doll costume.
It took about 3 bundles of yarn, and we used the thicker yarn.

For the make-up, I decided to only do the cheeks, freckles and eyelashes. I've seen others who do the black circles as trying to replicate the button eyes, but I found that to look creepy.

September 8, 2013

Emma's 6th Mermaid Party

The inspiration for a mermaid party all started when we were cleaning out our garage and found a box full of clam shells that my brother gave me. I looked at this box and decided it needed to be put to use somehow. I turned to Emma and asked "How about we do a mermaid party for your birthday this year?" She LOVED it. Then we got to work. What started as a plain mermaid party morphed into a Little Mermaid Party. I didn't want Ariel to be the focus, but allowed elements of her (it was Emma's party after all, and not mine). So we found a very cute Ariel shirt at H&M that she wore for her invite pictures, complete with a dinglehopper.

For party decorations I used red and aqua. I happened to have some red and white polka dot wrapping paper leftover from Christmas that I used for a table runner. I brought out the Ikea picture frames and printed a few pictures of Emma doing the invite photoshoot. Some favorite treats including fruit wands, rock candy, Golf Fish graham crackers, marshmallows dipped in chocolate, and sand castle SANDwiches. I also took some washi tape to make pennants on the straws on toothpicks for atop the sandwiches. Shells were scattered throughout. The table sat below a sea of streamers and ribbons to mimic the ocean so that the party felt like it was under the sea.

The cake was homemade. I've never declared I was an excellent baker, but I am getting better. It was topped with blue frosting and candy pearls, and surrounded with graham cracker crumbs so it looked like the beach.

The favors were homemade mermaid tail towels, made by my mom and known as Lala by her grandkids. They turned out so cute (even Olivia got a baby tail towel). The towels were $3 each at Walmart and took her about an hour to create each towel. The girls also received glitter crowns that we added embellishments on. And what mermaid party would be complete without a little swimming?  We only had an inflatable pool in the backyard but it was a hit and they got to use their tail towels.